10-second Closed Captioned Sponsorships

Why 10-second TV Commercials?

Fact 1: Attention spans are not getting longer, they’re getting shorter!

Currently, attention spans are around 9.3 seconds—Vine features 6-second videos. To most efficiently and effectively use their budgets, advertisers must access the best tools available in both TV and online video. Surprisingly, many are still unaware that :10 spots can skyrocket results. If you’ve ever seen commercials following the words: “Closed Captioning Provided by” or “Promotional Fee Paid by” you’ve seen a :10 spot on some of the highest rated national television shows available.

Fact 2: Increases reach and frequency without sacrificing effectiveness and increasing budget

If you can find an advertising method that helps increase Reach and Frequency without sacrificing effectiveness and without increasing your budget, you legitimately have a winning solution, especially if it’s inside some of the most popular shows on TV. Why not ask your creative department to present your commercial in short form, :10 lengths in addition to longer length formats?

Fact 3: The Most Useful Tool Ever

If shorter creative gives you more media options which eliminate the “Skip this Ad in 4 Seconds” button (as in online video), you’ve found the most useful tool ever. With :10 advertising, not only are there 1.7 billion, affordable HH IMPS at your disposal on some of the highest rated programs available on national television, you’ll also have access to untold millions of online impressions. Prospective customers will see more of your commercial because it cannot be skipped and it won’t be an intrusion on their time as some online ads can be.

Fact 4: Much of the talk today is about Digital

The fact is most advertisers have no idea if actual people, as opposed to bots, are seeing even part of their ads online. Online CPM’s would be many times what TV CPMs are if they were able only to count actual people viewing.

Fact 5: Effective media option

If TV commercial Creative is produced inexpensively enough, there is no more effective media option anywhere. PS PROMOTIONS has referral sources for proven, quality, HD video commercials useable across all platforms, for unbelievably low costs. We always advocate looking at the effectiveness of ads. Ten’s are 95% as effective with aided recall and 75% as effective unaided. When you look at the cost (usually 1/3 )of a :30 and multiply that by those percentages, you find your dollars are at least 3x more efficient when using this option.

If you’re a national advertiser and you have not investigated this intriguing length, you may be missing out on something that could make your media plans up to 3x more efficient.

Speak to your DirectAvenue media planner today about 10-second closed captioned sponsorship opportunities!

Mark Amici, VP Sales and Marketing, PS PROMOTIONS


Mark Amici, VP Sales and Marketing, PS PROMOTIONS
PS PROMOTIONS(PSP) is one of the oldest and largest direct representatives of this unique media alternative. They have been helping branded, and direct response clients get the most for their advertising dollar for 35+ years.

Website: www.psprom.com
Phone: 212-967-7360
E-Mail: customerservice@psprom.com

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