The Importance Of Broadcast Distribution Providers

There appears to be quite a few commercial broadcast distribution providers in the market today, and the number continues to grow every year as more keep on popping up globally. All distributors are trying to get into the North American market due to numbers of destinations you can deliver to on a specific order. In North America, there are over 400 different file formats which could be used at a given time. That is one of the many reasons why commercial distributors are extremely useful. Clients, ad agencies, and media buyers are not required to provide distributors with contact information or file format requirements for destinations as this information is regularly updated in internal databases. Distributors also have the means to distribute content to all broadcasters at the same time vs. uploading content individually which many companies are attempting to do to save money. Even though they are saving on distribution, this can become costly and time-consuming on the client side.

Also, distributors perform a quality control (QC) process where each spot is checked for broadcast specifications. This ensures all spots are up to current U.S. broadcast standards and will have no issues during the broadcast. Quality control for spot distribution can be performed using automatic QC software which will detect file format, resolution, length of the spot as well as other technical aspects of the spot but unfortunately, it will not identify all issues. It is imperative to have an individual evaluate the commercial content as well as the automatic QC. Many broadcasters like this feature as they do not have the manpower to re-edit or transcode spots for their on-air servers.

Customer service is still vital today as it was in the past. It should not matter how big or small or how active an account may be. All distributors should be able to provide consistent customer service to all clients; this is where service levels should take priority and not the size of the account. Generally, all 1-hour deliveries are processed right away, 4-hour deliveries are then processed. The rest of the orders are sent through on a first come first serve basis.

Your [broadcast distribution] vendor should have a full footprint reach and be able to provide secondary post services like closed captioning, tagging, slating and broadcast verification services. This allows you to handle a full project from beginning to end.

As you will experience, footprint, quality control, service levels and pricing vary by distributor. Your vendor should have a full footprint reach and be able to provide secondary post services like closed captioning, tagging, slating and broadcast verification services. This allows you to handle a full project from beginning to end.

Picture of a network connection, a visualization of commercial broadcast distribution.

About Yangaroo, Inc

One company who is set apart from the rest of the competition is Yangaroo, Inc. Unparalleled customer service combined with absolute commitment and focus on their technology platform ensures incredibly efficient and effective ad delivery for every client. The Platform relies on technology to automate delivery of content, making every send significantly more cost-effective, saving an average of 50% on distribution and post-production costs. Yangaroo does not just provide a date and time of delivery, Yangaroo’s platform provides a Proof of Delivery (POD) report which assures the sender a receipt by sharing who and what action has been taken on the receiving end. You will not only know your content was delivered but you will also know who it is was downloaded by. Proof of send is meaningless, proof of delivery, essential. YANGAROO provides 24/7 customer support and guarantees a response within 30 minutes or less. The team possesses deep domain and technical expertise and is ready to assist customers with any questions they may have. Customer service can often be taken for granted until there is a problem, but why wait until that moment because it could be too late and very costly.

The Yangaroo platform relies on patented technology to automate more than a dozen manual tasks which save time and increases operational efficiency. The platform runs quality control checks ensuring the content is in its correct format per the destination site. The comprehensive YANGAROO footprint includes more than 23,000 destinations with 100% ad distribution reach throughout the United States and Canada. Yangaroo can distribute to all broadcasters, internet providers, Networks, cable networks, syndicators and local cable systems as well as all radio broadcasters, allowing users to rely on one platform for all of their ad delivery needs. Importantly, YANGAROO owns and controls their entire distribution footprint, eliminating the need for a third-party vendor and submitting multiple and/or split orders.

If you would like additional information, please feel free to contact Eric Goetz, Sales Director at Yangaroo, Inc.


Eric Goets from Yangaroo


Eric Goetz is the Director of Sales at Yangaroo, Inc. and can be reached at:
Phone: 646-943-0016

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