Creating, Cultivating and Implementing Opportunities.

Three factors greatly enhance our ability to deliver unique and profitable media opportunities that drive media ROI:

  1. Experience – Media providers prefer to do business with seasoned professionals who can quickly evaluate and act on opportunities before they expire. Our media planners and negotiators have an average of 15 years of experience in their profession.
  2. Short-Form Expertise – Our buyers are trained to work across all forms of short-form television and Connected Response channels, including national cable, syndicated shows, network TV, broadcast TV, local cable pay-per-click advertising, comparison shopping engines, display advertising, social media and geo-targeted mobile ads. With a broader perspective of the market, our buyers can keep a pulse on the market and react quickly to shift media investments into other channels when conditions change.
  3. Faster Execution – As a smaller agency, we provide a streamlined approval process that shortens the turnaround time for changes in media investments. This not only affects our ability to close deals on behalf of our clients, but it also increases the number of opportunities we receive from media providers

Why Are Media Opportunities Important?

Gaining access to more media opportunities is an important component in increasing the profitability of DRTV campaigns because they can dramatically reduce cost/action metrics. For brand response campaigns, the right inventory purchased at a highly discounted rate can substantially increase audience delivery.

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