Testing your products with IVR rather than Live Agent Support

This article might seem self-serving, but IVR is one of the main reasons why we started VoiceGenX.

Ok… you just spent the last year developing your product; spent a good amount of money during all the development. You worked very hard on the infomercial, picked the perfect host to represent your vision, and even found yourself a decent media agency. You wanted the PERFECT PITCH.

Some of the big call centers out there tell you that you MUST use live agents for the test otherwise you will never know why some callers are not buying. Well here is where everything breaks down, and that flawed logic will fail you. The primary focus of any test is to maintain the same sales energy while bringing that consistent PERFECT PITCH to your viewers they just experienced on the TV.

So here is what you will experience with live agents:

  1. Live agents are generally not going to answer in your brand. They respond saying, “may I take your order.” This is because most live centers issue you the same 800 numbers they just issued to 10 other companies. Only until the consumer says, “yes, I want the widget” will the agent know which script to read.
  2. Your potential consumers will now experience a vast array of personalities and pitches. Unmotivated, poorly trained, working from home with dogs barking and babies crying in the background, bad moods, just broke up with boyfriend or girlfriend, needs a coffee refill, etc. The inconsistency is overwhelming.
  3. They also have never seen your infomercial and have no idea how the product was represented. All the agent has is a computer screen with a script to read from. How many of these people are true sales people? Do you have control over them? Can you call in to test all 1000 agents that your success is relying on? Well, the answer is no.
  4. You have one pitch person selling your product on TV, why now would you settle for 1000 agents providing the most important part of your business, the sales process?
  5. Next, you will be told, “How else can you understand why the callers did not buy?” You need the agent’s feedback they will say. Well, I have been in this business for 17 years. I have never seen 1000 agents report to their manager and give their individual feedback. But rather they have two drop down boxes:1. Product too expensive.
    2. Consumer did not like the offering.That is all you get, simply because the agents are on to the next call. The call center managers never get their agents together in a room and ask what can be done to help our client? What can we tell them that will make their offer useful? What can we do better as a call center? Never happens! It’s just not a possibility.
  6. So now you are on your own, and you think maybe you can learn by listening to the call recordings. Well, this becomes another problem. Audio recordings typically take weeks to acquire. So this won’t work; you will burn through your media testing money before you get one recording.
  7. The caller will now experience upsells and cross sells in many cases 5 reads deep. The live agent must complete the call and keep the consumer on the call until the end. 1. This becomes a long, expensive call. 2. Caller terminated calls are not sales, just a lost opportunity. Those opportunities are your lost revenue.
  8. Live agents cost roughly four times more per minute than IVR.  Also, the call lengths can be double the call lengths of an IVR.

NOW on to the self-serving part of the article. However, more accurately the appropriate, logical and most effective way to run your telemarketing. It’s about maximizing call center performance, and it is called IVR.

What is IVR?

IVR is short for Interactive Voice Response, a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and input via the keypad. In a nutshell, speech recognition is used to interpret the caller’s response to voice prompts, but there is so much more to it.

  1. With the Voicegenx IVR, you will have the perfect pitch every time a call is answered, and we answer representing your brand. You will be the only one to have that specific 800 number.
  2. We cost four times less than a live agent.
  3. We produce orders at a rate up to 30% better than live agents.
  4. We have shorter calls, which leads to less caller fatigue. We get to the business of selling and not tiring out the consumer.
  5. All calls are recorded in real time. You can listen to the interactions as soon as the consumer finishes the call.
  6. The IVR is never in a bad mood. It doesn’t get tired, and it never complains about the round the clock hours it works. I have never had a disgruntled computer yet. Funny right?
  7. We listen to every non-order call during the testing phase to analyze the reason for the non-order. We can tell you in real time where in the script callers terminate. This helps us adjust and modify the script.
  8. We have staff that actually will call the non-purchasing callers back and get their feedback as to why they didn’t buy. Yes, we don’t just put up a script and have a “well our job is done” attitude. We want you to succeed, and we want to succeed with you.
  9. We can also run a split to see which script will perform better. We can allocate percentages to each script. Live can only use one at a time.
  10. Our reporting is also in real-time so the media buyers can make fast and accurate decisions on upcoming media. Think about what this point alone can do for you.
  11. If a consumer terminates a call with our IVR before the call ends we still have a valid sale up to the point of the Consumer’s last “YES.”

I sincerely want to thank you for reading the article. We have seen so many great people and great products fail because they simply did not have the proper sales methods in place. There clearly is no better way to test your TV spot other than utilizing IVR.

Joe Gioeli

About the Author

Joe Gioeli is the CEO of Mobilize.today and can be reached at:
Website: www.mobilize.today
E-Mail: jgioeli@mobilize.today
Phone: (714) 595-9562

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