Maintaining Profit in a Fluctuating Market

Profitable direct response media buying revolves around four factors:

  1. Targeting – Ensure spots are seen by the right audience.
  2. Rates – Negotiate the best rates to lower customer acquisition and order costs.
  3. Clearance – Ensure media runs in order to maintain call center and/or website traffic.
  4. Integration – Incorporating digital media to maximize campaign ROI.

Rates that are too high increase clearance levels, traffic and acquisition costs. Rates that are too low, lower acquisition costs, clearance levels and traffic. And our Connected Response strategy allows us to engage audiences across multiple media channels and devices.

Why is this important?

The media marketplace is in a constant state of change. Inventory levels and rates vary as advertisers move in and out of the market. Stations don’t confirm schedules until the last minute, so there are no guarantees your spots will “clear.” To increase profitability, buyers must negotiate the right balance between rates and clearance to obtain the lowest cost/action while maintaining the highest traffic levels.

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