There Is No Longer A “One Size Fits All” Response Solution For Your Campaign! 

There is No Longer A “One Size Fits All: Response Solution For Your Campaign!

Effectively engaging with customers has always presented a challenge to companies dedicated to acquiring and retaining loyal customers.  But this is not a new phenomenon. Dating back to the 1970’s far-thinking companies like Ford Motor Company understood that one of the main reasons its customers continued buying Ford vehicles was the company’s dedication to superior post-sale service. Ford’s benchmark “No Unhappy Owners” program was the result.  It provided an 800 number dedicated to customer support that allowed its customers experiencing post-sale problems to speak with an agent trained to help resolve their issues quickly. Effective customer engagement has come a long way since Ford’s “No Unhappy Owners” program was created, and the communication choices that connect a customer with the company have kept pace.  In other words, whether a company is selling a product or service or trying to retain and grow its base of loyal customers there is no longer a large group of outsourced “one size fits all” interaction solutions out “there” that can do it all! The response landscape has evolved into a group of very specialized response options that are delivering superior results while helping companies increase sales and retain a growing base of loyal customers.

As technology has evolved to fit its customer base of gen-Xers and millennials, call centers have become increasingly specialized to handle requests from new sources like mobile and web-based forms. Concurrent with the emergence of mobile as the preferred person-to-person contact method, especially among the gen-X and millennial population, and the web as an effective gateway to providing some basic information and solutions the call/contact center outsource the world has also evolved from a group of large “we do it all” companies to today’s group of (mostly) smaller but specialized resources; each with a staff of agents highly trained to deliver top results in their own specialties.  Achieving, maintaining and growing a loyal customer base can depend upon a company making the “right” response choices.  This includes the selection of call centers with the capacity to handle any type of forecast call spikes and an appropriate level of agent specialization, training, and expertise. This is essential to deliver the best possible conversion, revenue, and customer loyalty. Campaign success almost always depends upon how easily a customer communicates with the company, as well as how well prepared and empowered the company prepares its agents, both in-house and outsourced, to listen to what a prospect is saying and “help them buy” (rather than sell) your advertised product or service. 

You need to consider the following:

  • Do you want to use in-house or outsource partners (or both) to effectively communicate with customers?
  • Are your customers better served by agents located locally or offshore?
  • Would you prefer customer service representatives be within a formal call center where they are more trainable or handling calls from home?

Only by carefully profiling your campaign and comparing its specific response needs (including media) against the many customer contacts and support options available today (including relative cost) can the most effective sales conversion, revenue, customer acquisition and support strategy be developed and implemented.  In almost every case, the end result of making the right choices are program success, including customer acquisition, sales, and revenue, loyalty,  growth, and success. 

Errol Davis

Errol Davis is a Senior Consultant at Errol Davis & Associates and a working customer acquisition, engagement and support specialist. He can be reached at:
Ph: 1-888-FOR-ERROL (367-3776)
Mobile: (770) 312-5900

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