Innovative Media Strategy Customized to Your Needs

The freedom to continually innovate and implement new practices in real time is what separates us from the “we do it all” ad agency model. Our focus, size and nimbleness allow us to develop innovative media buying strategies and services that serve the individual needs of our clients. We believe in survival of the fittest. You either innovate or become extinct.

Our focus on innovation has yielded numerous client benefits, including a new optimization process for short-form media strategy that:

  • Increases media clearance rates.
  • Assures spending goals and weekly response rates are achieved.
  • Helps to identify and eliminate station errors before media runs.
  • Builds stronger relationships with stations by adding value.

While our competitors continue to apply the same old industry standards in their planning and buying practices, we focus our attention on client expectations, and then build the media management process and tools to deliver them.

“I especially appreciate their ability to deliver unique reporting and solutions that match a client’s needs and don’t treat clients with a cookie-cutter approach.”

 Shari Altman
President, Altman Dedicated Direct

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