Our integrated Media Assurance Platform (MAP) increases direct response media profitability by predicting, tracking and reporting media airings to eliminate errors and keep all marketing partners informed of any changes in the schedule.

  • Our Top-Down Investment Process (TIP) provides greater insights into the behaviors of our media targets, along with the ability to focus media investments on our clients’ best prospects.
  • A Pre-Optimization Process (POP) that ensures media clearance and spending goals are met by helping to identify and eliminate errors before media runs.
  • A Predictive Analytics Review (PAR) that provides call centers and fulfillment partners with hourly call volume estimates on a daily basis.
  • A Partner Integration Team (PIT) that establishes open lines of communication between all marketing partners and assists clients in finding the right back-end resources.
  • Access to High-Definition Reporting (HDR) that ensures all parties get the data and insights they need to increase their productivity and recommend new strategies.
  • Our Campaign Manager (C/M) allows us to manage the planning, optimization and media reconciliation process from a central database.
  • Our Connected Response platform creates a holistic digital media solution built for direct marketers.
  • Our TV-To-Web (TV2W) algorithm provides accurate analysis of short-form campaign performance by attributing online response to offline media campaigns.
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