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10 for :10s: Why You Should Include 10-Second Syndicated Advertising in Your Next Media Plan

While you may not think that you are familiar with the 10-second commercial, if you’ve been watching television anytime over the last 40 years and have heard these announcements: “promotional fee paid by” or “closed captioning provided by,” you have likely seen a 10-second commercial that follows.  Here are 10 compelling reasons you should include 10-second advertising in your next media plan.

1. Shorter Attention Spans

A 2015 Microsoft Corporation study found that human attention spans had been reduced to eight seconds, shorter than the 9-second attention span of a goldfish!  Since its 2015 release, data from that Microsoft study has been challenged; do goldfish even have an attention span? However, marketers are in full agreement that our human brains have adapted to the effects of an increasingly digitized lifestyle, prompting us to be more selective in our media consumption.  We’ve developed an appetite for compelling content in shorter bursts – snackable content.  Simply put, 10-second spots are long enough to be memorable but short enough to be uninterruptible.

2. :10s -The Goldilocks of Commercials

iSpot.TV, an advertising analytics company, reports that when it comes to grabbing viewers’ attention, 10-second ads stand out.  The research from a recent iSpot.TV analysis showed that 10-second commercials earned an attention score of 91.0% to 91.5%, while 30-second spots earned a 90.0% score.  The difference is even greater when compared to 60-second spots which tallied an attention score of 88.0% to 88.5%.  10-second ads are just the right length!

3. :10 are Inexpensive

The costs for producing an original 10-second commercial are significantly less than the cost of producing 15-, 30- and 60-second lengths, and even lower when a :10 is cut from existing, longer formats.  Average cost-per thousand (CPMs) for a 10-second spot in national syndication are around one-third the cost of a :30 spot for the same programming.  Such 10-second advertising offers expanded reach without increasing budgets.

4. Increase Affordability/Frequency in :15/:30/:60 Plans

A 10-second schedule can enhance a :15, :30 or :60 syndication schedule with added frequency and reach.  Overall CPMs can be improved with a diversified schedule.

5. Increase Brand Recall

Research shows that shorter formats can create impact for advertisers when paired creatively and strategically with longer formats.  Among all commercial lengths, 10-second ads scored the highest attentions points when placed in the second or second to last pod position, followed by 15-second, 30-second, and 60-second commercials.

6. Expand Reach for Cable Exclusive Advertisers

For advertisers who use cable only due to budgetary constraints, :10s can offer an opportunity to bring syndication programming into their media mix and with that, expanded reach.

7. Brand Building

There are numerous brands that are synonymous with 10-second advertising, but none more recognizable than Gold Bond products.  For almost 20 years, Gold Bond products have had a significant presence in the 10-second advertising space on high profile, syndicated programs including: Access, Chicago P.D., Dateline, Dr. Phil, Jeopardy!, Judge Judy, Last Man Standing, Live with Kelly & Ryan, The Talk, and Wheel of Fortune.  In 2009, the French pharmaceutical giant, Sanofi-Aventis acquired the American company, Chattem, Inc., Gold Bond’s manufacturer, for $1.9 billion.  Gold Bond is now a subsidiary of Sanofi SA.

8. Brand Awareness

The power of TV’s scale has always successfully driven awareness and growth for brands.  An efficient 10-second schedule can be an effective marketing tool as part of an overall mix of top-of-funnel and mid-funnel activities that lead to greater sales.

9. Brand Equity

With over 50 nationally syndicated programs available for 10-second ads, including the top three programs in syndication, the possibilities for building brand equity, especially when used to reinforce a message delivered in a longer ad, are endless.

10. The William Wrigley Jr. Rule

Over 100 years ago, William Wrigley Jr. said, “Tell ‘em quick and tell ‘em often” – he could have been describing a 10-second media plan!  No other media platform offers the variety of programming choices to achieve affordable, high reach and frequency, as the 10-second spot in national syndication.


Mark AmiciMark Amici
Office: 212-967-7360
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Author: Mark Amici is the VP of Sales and Marketing for PS PROMOTIONS. PS PROMOTIONS has been getting prizes for game shows and placing 10-second “Closed Captioning Provided by” and “Promotional Fee Paid by” commercials for major syndicators and advertisers for over 40 years. Mark has been selling :10s and other lengths in Syndicated TV shows for over 25 years.

Teresa Gonzalez

Teresa Gonzalez

Author: Teresa Gonzalez is client services director for PS Promotions. She has worked for 32 years in the :10 sales and promotions space, previously for Promotional Consideration Inc., PIC-TV and TV 10s. She began her career at ABC owned station KABC Los Angeles.  Gonzalez holds bachelor of arts degrees in Journalism and Spanish from the University of La Verne and volunteers as an ESL tutor with the San Gabriel Valley Literacy Council.