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A data-driven marketing company with a big vision.

We are a forward-thinking, performance-driven, tenacious team of relentless media innovators. We specialize in planning and buying media on national, regional and local levels for all types of investments but really, our hearts lie in pushing the boundaries of the industry to seek out every possible opportunity for our clients. Our focus on the details is unmatched, as is our unwillingness to settle for the status quo. We constantly expect more of everyone we work with and ourselves. Because you expect more.

“DirectAvenue is an agile collaborator committed to continually improving performance."

Babak Azad, Founder, Round Two Partners, Advisor, GoodRx

A mission of innovation.

To put it bluntly, we’re on a mission to transform the way media is planned, negotiated, executed and optimized. On a much larger scale, we’re here to innovate how, when and where our client’s messages are received by consumers. Technology, and the way consumers engage with it, continues to change so rapidly, and yet the media industry as a whole, stays relatively the same.  As a data-driven marketing company with an insatiable desire to change that, we are perfectly positioned to capitalize on the unique opportunities that come up often overnight. We have the vision to recognize new possibilities and the flexibility to move fast. These are exciting times – if you’re willing to take a leap. And we most definitely are.


A culture of exploration.

We thrive on the adrenaline of challenge, the thrill of forging unfamiliar paths, and the quest to seek new answers. What’s daunting to others, is exciting to us and we work tirelessly to pursue every potential opportunity on behalf of our clients – even those that seem impossible. It’s instinctual to every team member we hire. It’s an energy that vibrates through our conference rooms, kitchens and quick hallway huddles. It’s a must-have in the partners and vendors we choose to work with. And most of all, it’s in the hearts of the clients we attract.

Leading with experience and passion.

Leading the charge is our highly-specialized Senior Leadership Team. Their knowledge, expertise and sheer dedication set an inspiring standard for the rest of the agency. But perhaps what makes our leaders truly different is the way they wholeheartedly embrace new ideas and champion the most radical of thoughts. It’s positively contagious.