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Call centers and inbound phone services create brand experiences

One of the most important tasks for any company is creating and maintaining relationships with its customers. Regardless of industry or marketplace, call center services continue to be a vital tool for brands looking to increase customer satisfaction.

More and more consumers are looking for great brand experiences. A marketing campaign can have the funniest ads, the best social and digital presence and the most fluid e-commerce experience, but if someone reaches out for support or to buy via phone and does not have a positive interaction with a brand, everything else falls by the wayside.

The right contact center partner is vital to your brand, many times as the critical first point of contact, responding to customer inquiries and maintaining a delicate balance between product promotion and customer advocacy. Brands must provide meaningful customer service experiences on the phone and help find, serve and keep valued customers for life.

“The right contact center partner is vital to your brand, many times as the critical first point of contact, responding to customer inquiries and maintaining a delicate balance between product promotion and customer advocacy.”

Jeff Sherman – InfoCision

At infocision, our mission is to provide direct response marketing solutions that deliver our clients the highest possible return on investment (ROI). We achieve our vision of being the highest quality marketing solutions partner by promoting your brand reputation with each interaction.

How to choose the best customer service call center

Here are just a few of the ways we provide high-quality services while delivering one of the highest rois in the industry:

Agents – We actively seek candidates that match the needs of both infocision and of the specific division (or client), with which the need exists. We look for experienced, career-minded agents – which has resulted in a 92% retention rate and the average tenure of 4.5 years.All candidates undergo a multi-tiered interview process, first through a telephone screening (to get a first look at voice and communication skills), then via an in-person Recruiter interview, followed by a divisional management interview. Tests are given to establish interest and aptitude, typing and basic computer skills/ understanding, etc. Finally, as a precursor to hiring, all candidates are put through a rigorous background screening.

Training – All Agents, once hired, are placed in an intense 30-day classroom and floor training program, focusing on selling skills and global customer care concepts. Training involves 40 hours of classroom sessions, plus three weeks of nesting. At the end of this training period, they must pass certification testing and achieve acceptable internal quality assurance ratings. Successful completion of the training period is tracked through completion and “graduation” from modular agent certification programs, developed either in-house or in conjunction with the client.

Continuous & Client Based Training – We understand that every professional contact is a reflection of your organization and an opportunity to make a lasting impact on your relationship with your Customer. Our Agents care about your Customers and are thoroughly trained to ensure complete Customer satisfaction. Our agents regularly receive additional depth and breadth training throughout their careers and are responsible for completing certification modules that are client specific. Most of our clients participate in initial and ongoing client specific training programs.

The “Q3 Process” – Designed to ensure continuous improvement and strict adherence to client-mandated procedures, our three-tiered quality system (hereafter, “Q3”) is like no other. Under this system, even the most seasoned of our over 3,500 agents is monitored, on average, every 20 minutes. During these monitoring sessions, we document every aspect of the calls for effectiveness and error rate metrics, to the tone of voice, internalization, and keystroke volume.

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You’ve created an outstanding product and a brand with an excellent reputation. By seeking an outsourced contact center that can deliver an experience that your customers come to expect, you can maximize revenue through effective upselling and cross-selling that comes naturally through the process of engagement. But more importantly, from your agents creating and maintaining relationships with its customers, increased retention and impact on your brand experience will be the most significant value that you might find through your call center services.