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Built to embrace change.

We don’t strive to be all things to all people, and we’re not afraid to admit it. In fact, our focus is the very thing that allows us to be truly innovative with our media strategies. We’re more agile than our competitors, so we can thoughtfully tailor every plan to fit the goals of each individual client which, in turn, gives us the flexibility to develop new programs and connect with consumers in new ways. Bigger agencies talk about doing this, but that’s about all they do – talk. Their cumbersome infrastructures get in the way of change. Our’s was built to embrace it.

“DirectAvenue is a trusted partner that outperforms the competition and consistently delivers on its promises.”

Bodee Gay, CEO, Basic Research

Innovation with benefits.

Our focus on strategic innovation has resulted in highly measurable benefits for our clients, including an optimization process for short-form media strategy designed to:


  • Increase media clearance rates
  • Assure spending goals and weekly response rates are achieved
  • Identify and eliminate station errors before media runs
  • Build stronger relationships with stations by adding value
  • Increase transparency so you’ll know when and where your campaign is running

Insights that mean something.

Our High-Definition Reporting (HDR) tool provides clients with insights that go beyond the one-dimensional reports typical from most industry-standard solutions and agencies. High-level expertise, meticulous research conducted in conjunction with a top-tier university and the fanatical collection and handling of clean data, make our High-Definition Reporting tool invaluable, allowing us to:

  • Review customized reports based on individual client KPIs
  • Dig deeper with data-enriched views and detailed insights on campaign performance
  • Spot key trends and take advantage of emerging opportunities
  • Access on-the-go dashboards across multiple devices