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Movie advertising – Cinema theater ads of your brand on the big screen

Importance Of Brand Safe Media Environments

Brand safe environments are critical in today’s changing media landscape. Technology fuels efficiency and innovation for advertisers, but risks compromising brand safety. Thankfully, cinema not only provides not only the most immersive and captivating environment but also one of the safest.

Marketers and advertisers are faced with new, exciting challenges in today’s evolving marketplace. The importance of maximizing scale and efficiency must be combined with identifying the best media environments for their brands.

The evolution of innovative ad technology provides compelling content opportunities for the marketer and contributes to the continued investment growth in mobile and digital ads. Industry forecasts from the MAGNA September 2017 Fall Update predict that digital sales will be up +16% year-over-year and that mobile (led by premium video and social) will account for 58% of all digital ad sales by year-end in the United States.

Even with issues of view ability, fraud, bots, and lack of transparency, the advertising community’s commitment to digital premium video platforms seems unstoppable. But is it? The Wall Street Journal recently reported that ads on YouTube once again appeared near offensive content, resulting in Mars, Diageo and Adidas temporarily halting YouTube advertising.

Enter Movie Advertising – Cinema Theater Ads Of Your Brand On The Big Screen

Thankfully for marketers, there is a premium video content platform that runs in a brand-safe environment 100% of the time: movie theaters. The cinema experience offers marketers an opt-in, bot-free, fully immersive advertising option with protection built in via the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) rating system. MPAA ratings provide advertisers and movie-goers alike an indisputable benefit by rating a film’s suitability for specific audiences based on content within context. The guideline offers clarity about the content being shown, therefore providing confidence to advertisers that their ads will be viewed in an environment self-selected by the audience.

Moviegoers are not distracted by smartphones, remote-control, electronic media, feed updates, media from 2nd and 3rd screens from another electronic device, or other daily tasks.

The same criteria are applied to all content that runs before the movies. No other media can claim this level of protection for advertisers. Coupled with cinema’s high levels of audience engagement it’s easy to see the unique value of in-cinema advertising, especially in a marketplace already complicated by overwhelming fragmentation, fraud, and choice.

The proliferation of mobile, social and premium video, safety and trust are a challenge for marketers. Fragmentation provides buyers more choice than ever when looking for an efficient, trusted environment that ensures maximum reach to targeted, high-value demographics. That space is rare, but cinema delivers this every day.

Whether you’re looking to run short interstitials or 30-second content segment, we’ll provide your brand with exposure on the big screen. Contact us today to capture the magic of the movies with tech-forward cinema advertising solutions.

John McCauley

Chief Marketing Officer Screenvision Media

Screenvision Media is the leader in movie theater adverting. Capture the magic of the movies with tech-forward cinema advertising solutions.