If I’ve Told You Once, I’ve Told You Twice …

Sep 11, 2023
If I’ve Told You Once, I’ve Told You Twice …

DR advertising has evolved immensely and only continues to as audiences have the option to consume media across so many platforms. What is the key to catching their attention and driving response? Consistency.

As is known in the marketing world, The Rule of 7 states that a prospect needs to “hear” an advertiser’s message at least 7 times before they will take action to buy that product or service. In a world where attention is so scattered and short, you may need even more than those 7 times to just be heard through all the clutter that is in people’s fields of vision. Having a defined marketing strategy, meaningful messaging, and a clear call to action is necessary to achieve desired performance. An “always on” approach with consistent presence and messaging sets advertisers up for the best opportunity to reach their consumer enough times to drive a sale. With a pulsing strategy or not enough weeks advertising, you may miss your consumer who didn’t act immediately. Response isn’t always as fast as it was before now that there are so many options and ways to purchase products. Consumers start to respond when there is enough time, frequency, and momentum built. 

Once you know who you want to reach, you need to understand how your target audience consumes the media. Reaching your consumer in the right place at the right time will result in the strongest performance. According to Neilsen, US Adults spend more time with live TV than any other form of media. This is followed by smartphones and TV-connected devices.   

Focus on where your consumer spends the most time and analyze what advertising yields the greatest return.  Continued testing and consistent messaging is imperative to build enough performance data for trends to emerge. When something is statistically significant, there is more confidence that it is real and driven by interest, not by chance. With more time advertising, the greater the confidence level becomes in the data collected to then make optimizations that build additional efficiency to an initial strategy. If a strategy isn’t tested long enough, there is potential to make decisions based on unstable or insufficient data. You also run the risk of walking away from a great opportunity before it has the time to mature. With persistence and consistency, performance will get to where it is meant to!   


Niki Kuklewicz is an Account Director at DirectAvenue. With more than 15 years of experience in performance marketing, she is a proven leader specializing in planning and buying media on national, regional and local levels. Niki pushes the boundaries of the industry in search of every possible opportunity for our clients.

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