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June 1, 2024

  1. TikTok Tests 60 Minute Uploads as Long-Form Push Continues-  The success of the ultra short-form video app TikTok, which has become one of the world’s most popular video platforms, especially among younger generations, has led competitors to imitate its vertical scrolling short-form model. Mainstream broadcasters and publishers might introduce premium long-form content on the app as they aim to cultivate their own TikTok audiences. Although short form video is highly popular with young viewers, it has so far been more challenging to monetize compared to long-form video. It could potentially create opportunities in the Connected TV (CTV) realm, which is presently a major focus for YouTube and an area where X aims to establish its presence.
  2. Netflix Xmas NFL Games Projected To Earn $185M In Ad Revenue- The NFL’s agreement to provide Netflix with two prominent exclusive Christmas Day games is poised to significantly enhance its advertising sales campaign. According to Guggenheim Securities, this move could yield around $185 million in combined advertising revenue, with an estimated top cost-per-thousand viewers (CPM) of $50. The total expenditure is anticipated to range between $200 million and $250 million, encompassing all Netflix streaming alternatives, including both premium and ad-supported options. Projections suggest that each game could attract an average of 22 million viewers, which is approximately 75% of the average broadcast audience.
  3. The WIR: Netflix Buys Rights to NFL Games, Dentsu Launches a Specialized Retail Media Unit, and M6+ Goes Live in France- Netflix has expanded into live sports broadcasting by acquiring global streaming rights for NFL Christmas Day games in a three-year deal. Dentsu has launched the Retail Media Specialised Practice in the UK to support brands and retailers with retail media campaigns. French broadcaster M6 introduced M6+, a new free ad-supported streaming platform with twice the content of its predecessor, 6Play, featuring an AI-driven search, an enhanced video player with interactive data visualization, over 20 FAST channels, and short-form content branded as M6+ Stories.
  4. Max, Apple TV+ Have Most To Gain From Bundling, Survey Finds- With the prospect of streaming bundling on the horizon, analysts are assessing which service stands to benefit the most from these packages. A recent survey by Antenna identified Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max as the most likely to gain from bundling. According to the streaming research company, 72% of respondents are considered “curious”—those who have either canceled the service in the past or have been subscribed for less than six months. Additionally, 28% of respondents are categorized as “committed” subscribers, having been with Max for less than six months.
  5. Q1 Study Finds Average Household Tuned To 3 or Less Streaming Apps- In the first quarter of this year, the majority of U.S. households used three or fewer streaming or CTV apps on average, according to new research from viewer engagement company Tvision and digital media software company DoubleVerify. The study indicates that these findings were based on an average use of 2.5 CTV devices per household, with viewers watching an average of 9.4 programs. The top three streaming apps by share of viewing time were YouTube (20%), Netflix (17%), and Hulu (10%). YouTube TV, the virtual pay TV provider, held an 8% share, while Amazon Prime Video accounted for 6%.