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May 1, 2024

  1. NBCU Projects Record Olympic Ad Sales, 41.2B To Date- NBCUniversal is poised to achieve unprecedented revenue levels for the Paris Olympics, having already secured $1.2 billion in TV-video advertising sales. With four months until the event kicks off, it is on track to surpass the previous record of $1.25 billion set by the delayed 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Significant increases in ad revenue across major categories such as non-alcoholic beverages, consumer packaged goods, financial services, retail, and entertainment are contributing to this success, as stated by Dan Lovinger, president of Olympic/paralympic partnerships at NBCUniversal.
  2. Streaming Platforms ‘Linear TV’ Additions Grow.. And Become Complex- Are linear TV networks being integrated into streaming platforms as a source of confusion for contemporary consumers? The answer lies in the level of guidance provided on the homepage of each streaming service, be it Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video, or others. Streaming platforms are increasingly exploring diverse avenues for content consumption. Disney+, for instance, is said to be considering the introduction of “linear themed channels” dedicated to specific TV brands like Marvel and Star Wars. These channels would resemble the FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV) services offered by competitors, albeit with a subscription fee attached to Disney+.
  3. Paramount’s Bakish To Step Down: Reports– Amidst ongoing financial challenges, a declining stock price, and potential company sale, Bob Bakish, who serves as the president and CEO of Paramount Global, is reportedly set to step down from his position, as per reports. Presently, Paramount is deliberating over an offer from Skydance Media, a producer located on the Paramount lot, renowned for its involvement in major Paramount projects such as “Top Gun: Maverick” and other notable films, during an exclusive 30-day negotiation period. As per a CNBC report outlining the terms, Bakish would depart Paramount, with David Ellison, CEO of Skydance, slated to assume his position.
  4. NHL Scores Best TV Viewing In 8 Seasons– In the midst of heightened attention on the significance of live TV sports across both traditional television and streaming services, the NHL reports a notable surge in national TV regular-season viewership, marking its highest figures in eight seasons. The average viewership per game on TNT, ESPN, and ABC increased by 8%, reaching 504,000 viewers. Specifically focusing on cable networks ESPN and TNT, ratings rose by 8%, averaging 410,000 viewers, marking the most impressive outcome in 30 years.
  5. X To Start Smart TV App- Expanding further into the TV/video realm, X is set to launch a smart TV application, as announced by X CEO Linda Yaccarino. Yaccarino tweeted, “This will serve as your primary companion for a top-notch, immersive entertainment experience on a larger display,” Yaccarino outlined features that will be included in the X TV app such as A trending Video algorithm, allowing users to keep abreast of popular content and AI-powered topics, which categorize videos by subject to offer a personalized viewing experience.